Multitasker Twist

We’re big fans of the Multitasker Series3X, but we understand there may be times that you need to bring minimal gear. The patented Multitasker Twist saves space and weight by giving you the essentials.

Packed into the size of a permanent marker you’ll find an Aimpoint Micro sight adjustment tool, dental pick, 3/32′ pin punch, carbon scraper, pocket clip slotted screwdriver, front sight tool, Ten 1/4′ hex bits, and 8-32 thread adapter also compatible with pull-thru style cleaning kits.

The Twist is extremely lightweight at 1.8 oz. (3.7 oz. with included bits). It is literally a Pocket Toolbox® for your guns.

Features - quick look

  • Aimpoint turret adjuster on rear cap
  • Pocket clip is a light-duty slotted screwdriver
  • Heavy-duty dental pick with brass shank
  • 3/32 pin punch
  • Radial carbon scraper
  • M16A2 style FSP adjustment tool on a magnetic 1/4" hex bit holder
  • 10 1/4" hex bits and carrier strip



Features - In detail

Aimpoint® Micro sight adjustment

The Aimpoint® micro sights are some of the most popular red dots on the market. The end cap of the Twist adds another feature and make sight adjustments easy.

Magnetic 1/4″ Bit Driver

The Multitasker Twist comes with a front sight tool installed into the 1/4″ driver. Pull it out, and install any of the bits that come with it. If you have custom needs, it will also fit any 1/4″ bit you need. The Twist comes with No.1 Phillips, 3/32 Slotted, 3/16 Hex, 9/64 Hex, 1/8 Hex, 7/64 Hex, T10 Torx, and T15 Torx.


Get inside those hard to reach places and scrape off stubborn carbon build up. Or, use the Twist pick to pull firing pin retainer pins, or any other small areas you need a more precise instrument.

3/32″ Pin Punch

Perfect for your AR, and even perfect for your handgun. The 3/32″ punch fits most duties you’ll need a punch for in the field.

Carbon Scraper

Thanks to the carbon scraper build up around the bolt takes seconds to clean. The radius tip is formed perfectly for effective cleaning around an AR platform bolt. This tool alone takes the most dreaded task out of cleaning your AR-15.

8-32 Male Thread

The 8-32 thread is sized to work with pull-through/cable style cleaning kits as well as our own accessories that come with the Twist.

Field Expedient lightweight flathead

The Multitasker Twist comes with 10 total bits, including 2 flat head options. However, for quick work we’ve built one into the cap. Simply unscrew the cap!

The MultiTasker Series 3 is the weapon centric multitool that has yet to be surpassed in quality and tool selection. If you have any further questions please email If you are ready to buy, find a dealer below.